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I now present you my magnum opus: Critter Fighters, a webcomic series I've been working on since Fall 2019. Actually, I first conceived the original concept and the five titular characters during middle/high school, and over the years, the character design, plot, and setting underwent quite a lot of changes that lead to what you see now. But the original concept still remains intact.

Critter Fighters tells the story about a young rabbit warrior named Jack who lives in Drayark with his younger witch sister Suzi. They have no knowledge of their parents or their family aside from each other so they're extremely careful that they don't lose each other. On the way, they're joined by a hyperactive inventor/gunslinger cat and his more muscular yet usually chiller best friend and roommate, and the tomboyish archer princess of the land. Together, they unite against a common enemy who threatens Drayark and its citizens.

More chapters coming soon!

Thank you for your patience!